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Camp Ophelia 2008

I have a summertime tradition of camping with girls–my kids can tell you about the year we traveled to Florida and lived in a dorm so they could attend a swim camp and I could work as a combination coach and nurse. This summer I really didn’t think I would be doing my own camp, but when the local YWCA contacted me to help out, I couldn’t say no.
Camp was in a “rustic” (i.e. no air conditioning) setting that nonetheless had a swimming pool where the girls could cool off. We had a great time together, and on the last day when we finished projects and said good-bye I realized how much I love the energy and creativity of middle school girls. The privilege of being part of their lives for even a short time makes my heat intolerance trivial.
As always, the mentors were incredible, and gave me great faith in the ability of the next generation to continue making the world a better place.

(Note the deficit in my photography skills–I still haven’t figured out how to reset the date on my camera!)

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