Nurse Practitioner  /  Educator  /  Author  /  Speaker  /  Relational Aggression Expert

Cheryl Dellasega, NP, PhD, is a relational aggression expert, and the author of six books on issues affecting women: When Nurses Hurt Nurses, Forced to be Family, Mean Girls Grown Up, The Starving Family, Girl Wars, and Surviving Ophelia. Dr. Dellasega’s writing and teaching offer essential insights into the different conflicts that arise in female-to-female relationships.

As the founder of Club and Camp Ophelia™ she has helped thousands of girls confront and overcome relational aggression. Her expertise in the world of girls has led to frequent requests for her training workshops for teachers, therapists, and other adults who work with young women. In addition, she speaks to adult women who confront relational aggression at home, in the workplace, and/or within the community.

As a Professor of Humanities in the College of Medicine and Professor of Women’s Studies at The Pennsylvania State University, Dr. Dellasega is actively involved in medical education (teaching, research, and leadership). She also conducts research on psychosocial issues, and leads community outreach efforts. She is an international expert on family relationships and completed a visiting professorship in Sweden.

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Helping Women Turn Conflict into Connection

Cheryl Dellasega has appeared as an expert on national and local television and radio shows and in print to discuss breaking news items and the every day challenges facing women today. Here is a sampling of her media experience.

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